Where design, performance
and lighting technology become one.

Developed in Scandinavia.


  • OZZ XH1

    The OZZ XH1 is a headlight/snowplow lamp offering a heated lens, dual position light and indicator. It emitts 1700 lumen in low beam, 3100 lumen in high beam and provides 1 lux at 183 metres with low beam and 365 meters with high.

  • OZZ XR2 P9″ Black

    The OZZ XR2 P9″ is a 220mm light offering a dynamic start-up position light, emits 10,600 lumen, and provides 1 lux at a distance of 680 meters for optimal visibility.

  • OZZ XR2 P7″ White

    The OZZ XR2 P7″ is a 178mm light featuring dynamic start-up position lights and emits 5,800 lumen, providing 1 lux illumination up to a distance of 470 meters.

  • OZZ XB1 P9″

    The OZZ XB1 P9″ is a 228mm dynamic LED light bar offering 3100 lumen, providing 1 lux at a distance of 315 meters for excellent illumination.

  • OZZ XB1 P20″

    The OZZ XB1 P20″ is a dynamic 544mm LED light bar that delivers 7000 lumen, providing 1 lux at a distance of 590 meters for optimal visibility.

  • OZZ XO1 P Black

    The OZZ XO1 P is a 245mm LED oval auxiliary light delivering 5100 lumens, and provides 1 lux reaching up to 475 meters for enhanced visibility.

Why choose OZZ?


OZZ combines meticulous design with a deep understanding of aesthetics, resulting in visually captivating LED driving lights that stand out in the market. Designed in Scandinavia.


OZZ delivers LED driving lights that excel in performance, providing customers with a reliable and seamless lighting experience.


OZZ uses cutting-edge technology to create advanced lighting solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.


OZZ is a collective brand with a rich heritage in car lighting wich drives innovation by pushing boundaries and pioneering new features for LED driving lights.

Our Vision. Your Performance.

What you see is what you get.

OZZ Specifics

  • Dynamic start up positionlight
  • 5000 kelvin
  • Driving beam
  • Outstanding look
  • Three year warranty

OZZ – Where performance
meets design.

About OZZ

OZZ combines design, performance, and cutting-edge lighting technology to create extraordinary products. It is a collective effort of five companies, driven by creativity and innovation. With a focus on a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality, OZZ ensures exceptional quality and performance in every product.

OZZ – Where design, performance and lighting technology become one.

The Light Lab

OZZ leverages its state-of-the-art Light Lab to drive technological innovation. Equipped with cutting-edge tools, the lab enables precise measurements ensuring lighting solutions meet customers’ expectations. Through comprehensive testing OZZ delivers exceptional lighting products that surpass industry standards.