Chasing Adventures with OZZ: Crafting Excellence in Every Detail

Embark on the journey of crafting an off-road masterpiece where every detail holds significance. Meet Robert Rejholt, the visionary steering an extraordinary ongoing project born out of curiosity, now transformed into an embodiment of adventure.

As the owner of Aves Bilverkstad in Uppsala, Robert is a true professional in the realm of custom-built vehicles. With a vast portfolio of special builds, he has become a renowned expert in the field.

The OZZROAD Challenge

The canvas: a 2-door Mercedes CL body waiting for a new purpose. The challenge: to transform it into a 4X4 off-road marvel, a Paris-Dakar-inspired machine. A challenge embraced by Robert’s profound knowledge and unwavering passion. The project ended up being named OZZROAD, and it’s fair to say we love it!

The quest for the right frame led Robert to a Mercedes ML AMG, a 4WD SUV with a V8 engine, its rugged frame a perfect match for the aspirations of this venture. With finesse and determination, Robert seamlessly merged the two, surpassing even his own expectations in the process.

Now, envision the ongoing creation – an ’adventure vehicle’ poised to conquer the toughest terrains. A testament to meticulous design, OZZ lights seamlessly integrate into this masterpiece. The beige/sand-colored body, complemented by a bold black front and protective bars, is a canvas for OZZ’s commitment to aesthetics. Every element is carefully considered, from the custom-made snorkel facilitating water crossings to the attention-grabbing yet durable OZZ lights.

Why OZZ?

Why OZZ for this project? It’s not just about lighting; it’s about crafting an experience. OZZ lights bring together meticulous design, unparalleled performance, and durability that stands the test of challenging terrains. A symbiosis of looking good and seeing well.

Robert’s daily devotion to this ongoing project ensures that excellence is not just a goal; it’s a standard. Stay tuned as Robert’s vision unfolds, and witness how OZZ lights continue to illuminate the path to adventure, proving that every detail matters in the pursuit of greatness.

Five OZZ XR1 P7″ on the roof.

A Masterpiece on Wheels

In the pursuit of creating something Mercedes themselves haven’t quite mastered—a sleek ”coupe” body from a Mercedes W215 on a 4WD chassis borrowed from a Mercedes AMG ML55. Picture this: a sophisticated blend of elegance and off-road prowess, a unique masterpiece on wheels.

As the project unfolds, custom-made features such as a snorkel, side steps, and a steel bumper guard are seamlessly integrated, transforming this vehicle into the epitome of outdoor adventure. The aim is clear—to infuse just the right amount of outdoor and adventure vibes into every detail.

This venture is a joyous exploration of new possibilities for the team. The road ahead is marked with substantial challenges and intriguing tasks, each offering an opportunity for innovative solutions. From the inception of the concept to the tangible realization, the project embodies the spirit of venturing into the unknown.

Five OZZ XR1 P7″ on the roof and five OZZ XR1 P9″ in the front.

The Team at Aves Bilverkstad all dressed upp in OZZ.

When Every Detail Matters

In the heart of this ongoing adventure, OZZ plays a crucial role. The OZZ lights, meticulously designed for both aesthetics and performance, remain an integral part of this four-wheeled masterpiece. The OZZ commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with the ethos of this project, where every detail matters.

As the project advances, stay tuned for more ongoing updates. This is not just a journey on wheels; it’s an exploration of what’s possible when craftsmanship meets innovation.

Follow the project at Robert’s Youtube channel here, and watch the unboxing of the OZZ products here. We sure will!