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Enhanced road safety with the launch of OZZ WR1 and WR1 65

Emelie Tjäder, Creative Content Producer, Axel Johnson International

Stockholm – 2024-03-01 – OZZ is proud to announce the launch of two new products in its lineup: OZZ WR1 and OZZ WR1 65.

WR1 – A Reverse Light with ECE R23

OZZ WR1 is a reverse light with ECE R23 certification, designed to enhance safety for you and your vehicle. With a modern aesthetic that complements OZZ’s other products, WR1 provides an important addition to the OZZ lineup, which previously consisted only of forward-facing lights. Emitting 2220 lumens and providing 1 lux at a distance of up to 95 meters, it offers excellent performance. OZZ WR1 comes with adjustable mounts for easy installation, making it an optimal choice for all types of vehicles. Certifications for WR1 include ECE R10 and R148 (R23).

WR1 65 – With Integrated Warning Light

OZZ WR1 65 is a reverse light with an integrated warning light. The lamp is approved according to ECE R23 as a reverse light, and the integrated warning light is certified according to ECE R65 classes 1 and 2. The reverse light, combined with the powerful integrated warning light, enhances safety for you and your vehicle. With the same modern aesthetic as WR1 and a brightness of 2700 lumens and 1 lux at a distance of up to 65 meters, WR1 65 also ensures excellent rear visibility. Like WR1, WR1 65 also comes with adjustable mounts for easy installation. WR1 65 is certified with ECE R10, R148 (R23), and R65 classes 1 and 2.

We are excited to introduce OZZ WR1 and WR1 65. These products are the result of our hard work and commitment to creating innovative and reliable lighting solutions for our customers,” says Björn Ljungqvist, product manager and co-founder of OZZ.

For more information about OZZ WR1, OZZ WR1 65, and our other products, visit our product page.

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