Frequently asked questions.

We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions about OZZ and LED driving lights below. If you can´t find the answer to your question please contact oss here.

Where can I buy OZZ?

We have a strong network of resellers. You can find OZZ products both online and in physical stores. Find our resellers here.

Why can´t I buy directly from

At OZZ we´re focused on producing vehicle ligting with excellent performance and great design at an accessible price.  We want to focus on that process and have choosen to pick great resellers to help us with sales.

If I want to return something?

For product returns, kindly reach out to the retailer from whom you made your purchase. Please note that OZZ doesn´t handle returns directly from end consumers.

What about warranty?

We offer a five year warranty on all products.

If I experience any issues with my OZZ product?

We are proud of our products and wish to offer our customers the best quality, therefore we offer a three year waranty on all products. If you´re having trouble with an OZZ product, please contact the reseller from whom you purchased your product and they will be happy to help you. Please note that moisture and condensation occurring in lamps isn´t accepted as a warranty issue. Water accumulation in the bottom of a lamp is, on the other hand, an accepted reason for complaint. This does not apply if any cable has been cut, or if a hole has been drilled into the housing. If this problem occurs the amount of water has to be documented with a picture.

If I want to get in touch?

For questions about our products, please contact us here. If your question concerns a purchase, a return, or a claim, please contact your reseller.

Why should I buy lighting from OZZ?

The primary task of additional driving lights is to illuminate the road to make your driving more safe. OZZ aspire to be pioneers in the driving lights market. We offer cutting-edge solutions and great design at an accessible price. OZZ products are engineered for optimal functionality, ease of use, and durability, providing customers with a reliable and seamless experience. With OZZ your driving isn´t just safer, it looks amazing too!

How many OZZ lights can I install?

There´s no limit as to how may additional lights one can have, but there´s a limit to how much light is emitted. According to the ECE regulations, the sum of the values of high beams and extra lights must not exceed 100. However, in Sweden, the regulation limit of 100 only applies to the regular high beam. When driving abroad we recommend disconnecting your additional driving lights, to make sure not to break any rules or regulations.

Which OZZ lights suit my vehicle?

Please contact a reseller here if you want advice on wich OZZ products to choose. Our resellers know our products inside out and can provide you with valuable advice.

What is kelvin?

Kelvin (K) is a measurement of the effect of light (color temperature). Light emitted from a light source always has a certain degree of warmth or coolness to it. A low color temperature indicates a warm (yellow) hue and a high color temperature indicates a cool (blue) hue. A color temperature of around 5000 K is often considered optimal when it comes to additional work and driving lights.

What´s the difference between theoretical and actual lumen (Lm)?

Theoretical lumen is a measurement combining the brightness of each individual diode in a lamp. As there is a loss of lumen due to electronics in the lamp the actual lumen is lower and a more representative measurement of how much light a lamp actually emits.

What is a reference value?

The reference value is a value given to high beam and extra lighting. According to the ECE regulation, the sum of the values of high beam and extra lighting must not exceed 100. The higher the value, the stronger the light. In Sweden, there are exceptions to this, and only the regular high beam headlamps must not exceed 100.

What does thermal control mean?

When a LED light is lit, it generates a small amount of heat. The amount of electric current supplied affects the luminosity and heat generated by the lamp. In return this affects the lamp´s life span. A thermal control system protects the lamp from overheating and prolongs it´s life span.

What is canbus?

Canbus is a system that exists in modern vehicles. It enables the vehicle’s various components, including lighting, to communicate with one another. When the driver needs to be alerted that, a lamp has gone out, the canbus system is activated, sending a signal to the car dashboard. Extra equipment marked with canbus indicates the product is compatible with a vehicle’s canbus system.

What does the E-marking mean?

An E-marking means the product has been approved within the EU. The E is followed by a number which indicates in what country the article has been approved. However, it doesn´t say anything about what the lamp is approved for. To know this you need to check the ECE-marking.

What does ECE marking mean?

The ECE marking indicates what the lamp is approved for. The ECE regulation is a system that ensures lighting rules are the same throughout the EU. Some of the most common ECE markings are listed below.

ECE R6 – Indicator; front, back, and sides
ECE R7 – Position light, tail light, brake light
ECE R23 – Reverse light
ECE R65 – Warning light
ECE R77 – Front and rear parking light
ECE R87 – Signal light
ECE R91 – Side marker light
ECE R112 – Auxiliary light

What is IP rating?

IP rating is an international marking that indicates how resistant the product is to ingress of particles. The first digit suggests particle protection (dust) and the second digit suggests water protection. Some of the most common IP ratings are listed below.

IP5x – Dust protected
IP6x – Dust tight
IPx5 – Jet proof
IPx6 – Powerful jet proof
IPx7 – Water resistant, submerged in 1 m deep water for 30 minutes
IPx8 – Pressure water proof, submerged in water up to three minutes
IPx9K – Protected against high-pressure washing at 80°C

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