OZZ Revolutionizes Road Illumination with the Launch of Two New LED Light Bar Models

September 5, 2023

OZZ, a leading force in the world of advanced vehicle lighting, is proud to unveil two cutting-edge LED light light bar models this fall: the OZZ XB1 Dynamic and the OZZ XB1. These are not only set to redefine road illumination but also promise unparalleled aesthetics and performance.

As the automobile industry enters a golden era of innovation, lighting solutions have become more than just functional necessities. They are now integral to the identity and aesthetics of a vehicle. OZZ’s latest offerings epitomize this evolution.

OZZ XB1 Dynamic LED light bar

The OZZ XB1 Dynamic LED light bar is the epitome of sophisticated design and unparalleled functionality. It boasts a dynamic start-up position light in both white and orange, adding a mesmerizing visual effect upon vehicle start-up. This feature is especially apt for those who seek not only advanced illumination but also a distinctive flair every time they start their engines.

The longer 544 mm version of ledbar radiates a staggering 7000 measured lumens, reaching 1 lux at 590 meters. For vehicles with limited space or needs, there’s a 228 mm variant emitting 3100 measured lumens, ensuring 1 lux at 315 meters. Regardless of size, with a color temperature of 5000 K, users are assured of comfortable lighting in all conditions – from the darkest night to snow-laden roads. It comes with certifications of R112, R7, and R10 and an impressive 3-year functional guarantee.

OZZ XB1 LED light bar

A beacon of innovation, this model provides a visual spectacle with its wandering start-up diodes. Tailored for those who crave a dramatic visual effect but without the need for integrated multi-color position lights, it embodies modern aesthetics with prime functionality.

Similar to its dynamic counterpart, the 544 mm variant outputs 7000 measured lumens, achieving 1 lux at 590 meters. Its smaller 228 mm sibling delivers 3100 measured lumens, casting 1 lux at 315 meters. And with a consistent color temperature of 5000 K, it promises optimal vision in every setting. This model holds R112 and R10 certifications and also offers a 3-year functional warranty.

Where the OZZ XB1 Dynamic LED light bar impresses with its dual-color position light, the OZZ XB1 LED light bar stands out with its distinct wandering diode start-up. Both models, however, remain true to OZZ’s commitment to excellence, superior functionality, and design.