Press Release – OZZ: The Future of LED Driving Lights

Emelie Tjäder, Creative Content Producer, Axel Johnson International

Stockholm – 2023.09.12 – OZZ, a pioneering brand in the LED driving lights industry, is proud to announce its official launch and entrance into the market. OZZ is a tech-focused brand driven by innovation and great design.

OZZ was born out of a collective effort between five Axel Johnson International-owned companies, each with a rich heritage of supplying vehicle components to the Nordic transport market. This collaboration has resulted in a brand that combines the best of innovation, design, and performance.

The Future of LED Driving Lights

”We thought that we would be stronger as a team and could do more efficient work together. That´s why we started to collaborate and launched OZZ. For me OZZ is a group of people with crazy ideas and a huge network, that can make things happen.” says Björn Leckborn, Product manager and co-creator of OZZ.

To ensure superior performance and reliability, all OZZ products undergo rigorous testing in our state-of-the-art Light Lab. A dedicated innovation team and collaboration among companies with dignified knowledge about the LED driving lights industry, create a strong base from which high-quality products can be developed. ”We know our customers well and they demand products with amazing performance. but they´re also very picky about design, and details.” says Erik Eklöv, Managing Director at Transport Solutions, Axel Johnson International. He continues: ”The OZZ team takes great pride in making sure every detail meets the high set standards and that every product is accompanied by the correct accessories.”.

One of the brand’s standout features is the introduction of start-up positioning lights. OZZ is proud of being the first brand to introduce this immediate customer success on the market.

The OZZ team’s dedication to pushing boundaries, embracing collaboration, and delivering innovative and accessible products sets the brand apart in a competitive market. OZZ is ready to make a real impact.

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About OZZ

OZZ is a collective brand co-developed by five Axel Johnson International-owned companies. With a focus on innovation, design, and performance, OZZ aims to provide the LED driving lights industry with premium-performing products at an accessible price point. Through collaboration and shared purpose, OZZ strives to make a real impact.

OZZ – Where design, performance and lighting technology become one.

Media Contact: Björn Ljungqvist, Product Manager and Co-Creator of OZZ,