OZZ Unveils Enhanced Dynamic Position Lights: Elevating Automotive Illumination

September 12, 2023

OZZ, a pioneer in advanced lighting solutions, is set to revolutionize automotive illumination with the launch of the upgraded OZZ XR2 P9″ and OZZ XR2 P7″ Dynamic Position Lights. Building upon the success of its previous iterations, these refined lights, introduce a more captivating start-up position light and offer an even more remarkable driving experience.

OZZ XR2 P9″: Lighting Redefined

OZZ XR2 P9″ Dynamic Position Light is designed to transform your driving experience. This 220 mm light is not a mere accessory; it´s a powerful statement of style and functionality. Featuring an innovative start-up position light in white and amber, the XR2 P9″ introduces a captivating start-up pattern that sets the stage for an unforgettable journey.

The XR2 P9″ delivers an elevated start-up pattern that exudes sophistication and style. With an impressive boost function, the XR2 P9″ emits a staggering 10,600 lumens, casting a brilliant 1 lux at a remarkable distance of 680 meters. The driving beam pattern ensures optimal visibility, encompassing both wide coverage and a long-range reach.

Maintaining a color temperature of 5000 K, the XR2 P9″ offers a pleasant and effective illumination that enhances your driving experience in all conditions. With the XR2 P9″, OZZ continues to redefine vehicle lighting, merging form and function seamlessly.

OZZ XR2 P7″: Elegance in Motion

Introducing the OZZ XR2 P7″ Dynamic Position Light, a compact powerhouse spanning 178 mm, and engineered to make a statement on the road. Featuring a dynamic start-up position light in white and amber, the XR2 P7″ embarks on a journey to redefine automotive illumination.

The XR2 P7″ showcases a refined start-up pattern that exudes innovation and visual allure. Activating the boost function unleashes 5800 lumens, providing 1 lux at a distance of 470 meters. The driving beam pattern ensures maximum visibility, stretching across a wide area and far into the distance.

With a consistent color temperature of 5000 K, the XR2 P7″ creates an inviting and efficient illumination that enhances the driving experience. As a testament to OZZ’s commitment to quality, the XR2 P7″ embodies the perfect fusion of aesthetics and performance.

Both the XR2 P9″ and XR2 P7″ models signify OZZ’s dedication to redefining automotive lighting technology. These updated iterations not only retain the impressive features of their predecessors but also introduce a more captivating start-up pattern. As improved versions of their popular predecessors, these lights stand as a testament to OZZ’s relentless pursuit of great design and innovation in the field of vehicle lighting.

As OZZ continues its journey to transform vehicle lighting, the XR2 P9″ and XR2 P7″ Dynamic Position Lights serve as powerful beacons of evolution, inviting drivers to experience lighting that goes beyond necessity, becoming a dynamic and transformative aspect of the automotive journey.

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