Ozz Shop Cable kit 1-3 pcs 6-pin DT

Cable kit 1-3 pcs 6-pin DT

Product ID: 88927

Cable kit for 1-3 driving lights or headlights with 6-pin DT, max 3x 240W.
This cable kit is XBB Power Unit compatible.

Max rating 3x 240W
Black power cable 1m
Red power cable 1m with 60A fuse holder
Blue signal cable 1m
2 pcs 6-pin DT connector 2,5m
Green signal cable 1m
Gray signal cable 3m
White signal cable 3m
Yellow signal cable 3m
Brown signal cable 3m
1 pcs 80A relay (12V)

Key Features

Easy installation with
6-pin DT-contacts

XBB Power Unit

Max 3x 240W