Ozz Shop Mount for 2x OZZ Driving Lights

Mount for 2x OZZ Driving Lights

Product ID: 88923

This driving light mount is suitable for an OZZ LED light bar or two OZZ driving lights 7″ and 9″. The mounting plate measures 390×85 mm with a CC dimension of 350 mm between the two attachments. This mount can be effortlessly installed behind the license plate.

To ensure exceptional quality and long-lasting durability, the bracket is treated with Bonderite®. This treatment provides the ultimate surface finish and extends the lifespan of the product. Bonderite® is applied prior to the powder coating process.

Bonderite® is a pre-treatment technique utilizing flour-zirconium as its base, resulting in a nano-ceramic coating on pure metal surfaces. This coating significantly enhances the product’s longevity. Moreover, Bonderite® contains no toxic heavy metals, phosphates, or organic solvents, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Key Features


Suitable for 2 pcs
7″ or 9″ dricing lights

Hassle-Free Installation

Secure Mounting Solution

Built for Longevity