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Introducing OZZ XH1 — a headlight/snowplow lamp that redefines versatility. Emitting 1700 lumens in low beam and an impressive 3100 lumens in high beam, it’s your go-to solution on the road. The automatic heated lens ensures clarity in all conditions, and with a 1 lux reach of 183 meters (low beam) and 365 meters (high beam), visibility is unmatched. OZZ XH1 seamlessly blends functionality with style, providing a natural 5000 K light. OZZ XH1 offers indicator and dual position light as well as universal mounting on either side of your vehicle. The side unit is easily adjustable based on your installation, thanks to its flexible and detachable design.

Key Features

Multi Function: Low and High Beam, Indicator, Dual Position Light

1 lux @ low beam: 183 m, high beam: 365 m

Low Beam: 1700 Lm, High Beam 3100 Lm

Automatic Heated Lens

Ref. no 27,5, ECE R148, R149, R10, CE


Type of lamp LED
Type of LED LP
Pcs LED 49
Voltage 10-30V DC
Actual effect 12V High beam: 48W, low beam: 22.8W, indicator: 12W, position light: 2.4W, heater: 30W
Actual effect 24V Hight beam: 48W, low beam: 24W, indicator: 12W, position light: 2.4W, heater: 21.6W
Nominal current at 12V High beam: 4A, low beam: 1.9A, indicator: 1A, position light: 0.2A, heater: 2.5A
Nominal current at 24 V Hight beam: 2.0A, low beam: 1.0A, indicator: 0.5A, position light: 0.1A, heater: 0.9A
Theoretical lumen (Lm) Low beam: 2400, high beam: 4500
Actual lumen (Lm) Low beam: 1700, high beam: 3100
Kelvin (K) 5000
IP-class (IP) IP68/IP69K
Beam pattern Driving
Position light White and amber
Connection 6-pin DT
Material chassi Aluminum
Material lens Hardened glass
LxDxH (mm) 224,5x80x150
Height including bracket (mm) 176
Operating temperature -40 – +60°C
E-mark approval R148 (R7, R6), R149 (R112)
Ref. no. 27,5
Weight (kg) 1,75
EAN code 7333213101534

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