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OZZ XB1 P20″

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Experience the power of light with OZZ XB1 P20″ dynamic LED light bar. This innovative light bar features dynamic start-up position light in white and orange, creating a modern look for your vehicle. This 544 mm light bar delivers 7000 lumen, providing 1 lux at a distance of 590 meters. The driving beam pattern ensures optimal visibility with a wide and long-range reach. The light has a color temperature of 5000 K, offering pleasant illumination in all conditions.

Key Features

7000 Lm

1 lux @ R112: 480 m, boost 590 m

5000 K

Dynamic Position Light

Ref. no 50, ECE R10


Type of lamp LED
Type of LED both sides 8pcs OSRAM P9 middle 6pc CREE XPP
Pcs LED 14.0
Voltage 10-32V DC
Theoretical effect (W) 12V 140.0
Theoretical effect (W) 24V 140.0
Actual effect (W) 12V 120
Actual effect (W) 24V 120 W
Theoretical lumen (Lm) 11200.0
Actual lumen (Lm) 6500~7000
Kelvin (K) 5000
IP-class (IP) IP68/IP69K
Beam pattern Driving
Position light dynamic white and amber
Connection 4-pin DT male + female
Cable length (mm) 1000 (800+200)
Material bracket Stainless steel
Material chassi Aluminum
Material lens Polycarbonate
LxDxH (mm) 544×80,9×50,3
Height including bracket (mm) 58.1
Diameter (mm) 541.5
Operating temperature -40 – +60°C
E-mark approval R112, R7
Ref. no 50
Nominal current at 12V 8.62 A
Nominal current at 24V 4.31 A
EAN code 7333213101497

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