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Experience the power of light with OZZ XB1 P9″ dynamic LED light bar. This innovative light bar features dynamic start-up position light in white and orange, creating a modern look for your vehicle. This 228 mm bar delivers 3100 lumen, providing 1 lux at a distance of 315 meters. The driving beam pattern ensures optimal visibility with a wide and long-range reach. The light has a color temperature of 5000 K, offering pleasant illumination in all conditions.

Key Features

3100 Lm

1 lux @ 315 m

5000 K

Dynamic Position Light

Ref. no 27,5, ECE R10


Type of lamp LED
Type of LED Osram P9
Pcs LED 6.0
Voltage 10-32V DC
Theoretical effect (W) 12V 60.0
Theoretical effect (W) 24V 60.0
Actual effect (W) 12V 42
Actual effect (W) 24V 42
Theoretical lumen (Lm) 4960.0
Actual lumen (Lm) 3100
Kelvin (K) 5000 K
IP-class (IP) IP68/IP69K
Beam pattern Driving
Position light dynamic white and amber
Connection 4-pin DT male + female
Cable length (mm) 1000 (800+200)
Material bracket Stainless steel
Material chassi Aluminum
Material lens Polycarbonate
LxDxH (mm) 228x70x50
Height including bracket (mm) 55.0
Operating temperature -40 – +60°C
E-mark approval R112, R7
Ref. no 27,5
Nominal current at 12V 3.34 A
Nominal current at 24V 1.67 A
EAN code 7333213101510

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