Swedish Truck Driver Simon Lundman Triumphs at Nordic Trophy with OZZ and “No Time to Die” Inspiration

Simon Lundman from Piteå, Sweden, has been making waves in the trucking industry with his spectacular truck creations. He is not just a passionate trucker who loves the thrill of the open road but also an artist who transforms his trucks into rolling masterpieces. Lundman is not only a part of the growing trucking community but also a proud ambassador for OZZ, a name synonymous with high-quality driving lights.

Nordic Trophy Recognition for Simon Lundman and OZZ

This summer, Simon Lundman won the Challenger Class at Nordic Trophy, held at the Trailer Trucking Festival at Mantorp Park. Despite persistent rain, the event, in its 20th edition, drew a remarkable crowd of 13,873 truck enthusiasts over two action-packed days.

Lundman, renowned for his creative truck designs, presented a unique creation themed around “No Time to Die,” inspired by the iconic James Bond movie. His truck, a Volvo FH460 liftdumper equipped with a crane, underwent a remarkable transformation into an impressive gray and black masterpiece, capturing the attention of both judges and spectators.

What particularly impressed everyone was the meticulous attention to detail in the “No Time to Die” theme on the truck, drizzled with driving lights and with an elegantly painted exterior. Lundman’s creativity and dedication to crafting something unique for the trucking industry were evident.

This victory wasn’t just a personal triumph for Simon Lundman; it is also an honor for OZZ to have such a prominent ambassador showcasing our products. Lundman had outfitted his truck with a total of 16 OZZ XR2 P9” lights, not only enhancing the truck’s aesthetics but also increasing safety during long nighttime drives.

Nordic Trophy at the Trailer Trucking Festival stands as one of the most prestigious trucking competitions in the industry, and Simon’s win in the Challenger Class is a testament to his dedication to his profession and his ability to create art on four wheels. He serves as an inspiration to other truck drivers looking to blend their love for trucking with their creative side.

Simon Lundman continues to impress with his truck designs and is poised to inspire a new generation of truck enthusiasts to venture into the world of truck artistry and innovation. We at OZZ are proud to have him as part of our team and eagerly anticipate what he’ll create next.

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